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In consideration of the precautionary measures taken by the Government, with regard to the containment of the spread of the Coronavirus (PHASE 2), we are to inform you, that in order to overcome this particular time, the creation and publication of a website, is achievable even at a distance, and we are operating by other means of contact, phone, mail.

Please contact us for clarification or more information, without commitment.

The activities of the firm, operating in Bologna since 1981, covers the design and supply of the services, without the Customer having to move from their home, from the first meeting until the delivery of the requested service.

Our client is a private company, processed by us directly, or in the "external collaboration" with other activities.

Thanks to our many years of experience in graphic design, and using new tools, we create custom web sites and professional costs, including annual maintenance, compared to other solutions on the market, giving you the opportunity to stand out to small businesses, businesses, associations, professional firms and professionals to be on a network with a site, tool, today, necessary for the activity.
Unlike social networks, where you have to be registered, the website is accessible by everyone in the world, and is useful to present in a detailed manner, keeping contact with the customers (offers, promotions, events, services, etc), be found by new ones, and to publicize their products or services.

Having the objective of enhancing the corporate image, the implementation provides for the optimization design of the website. also multilingual, divided into topics related to the activity, links to the links of Your interest (partners, suppliers, institutions, etc.,), insertion of video, attach file, you can download it (pdf, word, etc) and links with your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc).
The publication also includes saving for adequate vision from mobile devices (iphone, android and tablet), but above all it is ensured that the post-publication assistance, for updates and changes of every kind in every moment, in real time.
The site is equipped with SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) secure site”, which protects communication between the browser and the site. Search engines, especially Google, appreciate websites without SSL as "not sure". In addition to those "safe", have a privileged position in search engines.
As required by European Legislation, the site is full of information on the use of cookies and policies, with the banner to the edge of the screen.
We provide in addition to the QR Code of the site, to use in Your printed (brochures, business cards, portfolio, advertising, etc.).

As said, the new tools reduce the conventional costs and the content are valid, even in relation to the results achieved, the following are some examples:








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